Saturday, 7 January 2012

Who is suitable to do with teeth whitening treatment

With so many teeth whitening products available, whitening teeth was never so easy and accessible. If you are considering teeth whitening, before investing with any teeth whitening treatment or products, you should first consult with some good dentist. To achieve optimum results with teeth whitening, surface stains are to be removed. And your dentist will help you determine if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening.
Not everyone is suitable to have teeth whitening treatment. A few exceptional cases for teeth whitening include
·                    Teeth that have restoration like veneers or that are bonded with white fillings can’t be whitened with peroxide based gels or other whitening products. These restorations can’t be whitened past their color in which they were made. So if you are looking for lighter shades, it won’t be possible with these restorations.
·                    Teeth that have internal staining, discoloration or have been treated with root canal wouldn’t be affected with any of the teeth whitening system or treatment.
·                    Natural tooth colors that are grey or brown in hue will to produce the results with teeth whitening products.
·                    Pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid teeth whitening since that can cause certain complications as there is no evident proof for safety of these whitening treatments under such stages.
·                    Individuals with hyper sensitive teeth should avoid teeth whitening since it can raise the sensitivity.

If you aren’t an individual with any of the above mentioned cases you are certainly the appropriate individual to go with teeth whitening treatment. You can have the in office teeth whitening treatment or can switch to at home teeth whitening products for a bright white smile.
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